Baldwinsville Interscholastic Football Club



NOTE CHANGE IN DATE:  The next BIFC meeting is scheduled for March 20, 2012, at 7:00 PM, in Baker High School's cafeteria.


2011 BIFC Executive Board

PRESIDENT   Barbara Twombly
TREASURER   Christa Carson  
SECRETARY   Ellen Paprocki  
VARSITY PARENT REP   Corrine Johnston
JV PARENT REP   Kim Candee
7th-8th GRADE PARENT REP   Ann Bridge
    Beth Lannier
7th-8th GRADE RED TEAM LIAISON   Luanne Giannino  
7th-8th GRADE PARENT REP   Christa Carson  
    Angela Sellers
Member-at-Large   Tom Mitchell  
    Barb Sobczak  
BIFC WEBMASTER   Patrick Duffy




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Volunteer - The strength of the BIFC comes from the many talents of its volunteers.  There is a constant need for volunteers to support our common goals - insuring  our student-athletes graduate with a life time of memories and that they get the recognition they so justly deserve.  Don't rely on the "other parents" to take care of your player.  Even if you do it for just one game --VOLUNTEER!   To see how, click on the button below:





Dear Parents,

As you know the BIFC’s role is to provide support to the players and coaches in order to enhance the playing experience for all.  As the football program evolves through the years continued involvement by parents is needed in order to maintain the services and benefits the BIFC provides.  I know many of you may only think of football in the fall but many of the plans and subsequent decisions behind those plans are made many months prior. Participation at all the meetings is neither mandatory nor expected, but in order to have your opinion heard, it is necessary.  With that in mind, below is approximate timeline as to what is discussed and ultimately decisions made on as they occur at each monthly meeting.  My suggestion is if there is a topic you see that is important to you or your player, I would try to attend that meeting.  Meetings are held on the first non-holiday Monday (weather permitting) of each month at 6:30 PM at Baker High School.  If for any reason school is closed, dismissed early or after school activities are cancelled, the BIFC meeting will be postponed.  On occasion, an off season meeting may be postponed and, if that occurs, that month’s items will be moved to the next month’s agenda. Meeting times and locations will be posted on the web site.

(Officers are nominated and elected to office at the December meeting.)

January: Introduce new officers, fill vacancies, start budget process

February: Approve new budget, review and approve previous year’s end budget, determine needs for fund raising, select fund raising coordinator, start discussions on fund raising, tax returns.

March: Select golf tournament coordinator, prep for golf tournament, get JV & Varsity schedules from AD, coordinate with coach about Combine

April: Finalize novelty & team apparel needs and order, finalize plans for Big 30 Camp with coach, order buses Big 30 Camp, status of golf tournament and sponsors for it.

May: Youth camp, golf tournament, conditioning camp, select program coordinator and begin program ad solicitations, finalize decisions on team banquet (where and what type of food) (date to be determined in October) requirements, finalize decisions on player year end awards.

June: Finalize Big 30 Camp, status of July meeting, finalize golf tournament, contact program vendor, update mailing list for players especially the incoming 7th graders.

July: Meeting optional depending on projects, availability of members and location availability, summer conditioning program, get mailing lists together for fall mailer, continue program prep.

August: Finalize program prep and send to vendor 1st week in August, parent/player meeting date, Bee-a-Patron, concession stand clean up day, concession stand prep for first game, solicit volunteers for all home games

September:  In season prep, Homecoming prep, Senior Day prep, status of fund raisers.

October: Finalize Homecoming, set banquet dates, post season requirements, finalize fund raiser income, start banquet prep.

November: Post season needs, finalize banquet prep.

December: Nominate and elect new officers, begin to finalize books, tax prep.